Saturday, May 03, 2008



The cherry blossoms are mostly over in Japan, and the intense, fresh green of the trees is starting to give way to the deep emerald of late spring and early summer. Wisteria are in full bloom, and my mother and I went to see some at the Kameido Tejin shrine, which is famous for its wisteria and plum garden. I've never seen wisteria like this before. It was, of course, beautiful. Wisteria, or fuji, is the symbol of the very old and powerful Fujiwara family. You can often see it as part of the decoration for miko, or shrine maidens. And if you scroll back down and look at the photos of the maiko that I took in Kyoto, you'll see it as part of their headgear.

I attempted to incorporate a particularly long wisteria blossom as part of my headgear, but as you can see, I simply look ridiculous. I will have to eventually break down and pick up some kind of nice hair pin, though I think wearing something like that might make me feel a little pretentious.

Oh, I think the hair pin will depend on the the event--what's pretentious at the Dunkin Donuts will be perfect say, at your book party. :P
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