Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Stick with Your Type

Japanese car companies have chosen the American South for manufacturing because its residents are "agreeable and conscientious types who are both dutiful and work well in teams." Or so says Richard Florida, author of a new book "Who's Your City?" Of the conscientious and agreeable, Florida also writes:

Conscientious and agreeable types in particular are less likely to move.

In other non-Japanese manufacturing related news, it seems that extroverts are based in Chicago; extroverts are much more likely to move over greater distances. They also make great salesmen. And those who are open to new experiences -- those from California, for example -- are the most likely to move of all.

The Northeast corridor, including Greater Boston, as well as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Austin, are home to concentrations of open-to-experience types who are drawn to creative endeavor, innovation, and entrepreneurial start-up companies.

Unsurprisingly, the northeast is neurotic, and those who move great distances to live among the creative class in New York, might get annoyed by all the nervous energy.

More emotionally stable people who live in places where neurotic types form the majority may become irritable and tressed because the people around them are getting to them.

Now you know who you are.

Richard Florida taught at CMU when I was there! I don't think I took any of his classes but I'm sure our paths crossed because he was in the School of Public Policy and my double major was Engineering & Public Policy. Small world!
Well, let's see. CMU is in Pittsburgh. I guess that makes you both . . . agreeable? ;-)
huh. Now I know why Japanese companies have taken over our cane plantations for rice and soy plantations -- it's because we're so similar! :D
Whoever you are, Miss Alai, you're a smarty pants! That's for sure! Thanks for stopping by again.
Just a random comm. dork in Hong Kong. My husband used to copy me your posts from Japundit, but when I found that you had an actual blog, I added it to my bookmarks. ;)
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