Wednesday, May 21, 2008


More Literary Linkage

Sorry, all I seem to be doing today is linking to things other people said. But the following amused me too much not to repost.

When asked if he rereads his work (as in . . . editing), James Frey says:
I think if you read what you write you just want to change it. You get stuck in this trap where you never move forward. I try to make things what I want them to be the first time through.

Um, hello? It's called work? The "physical immobility" thing that Salinger was griping about? It's called editing? It's hard to respect someone who doesn't work.

You can read comments and analysis of this admission here, and my annoyance over the Frey debacle . . . I mean, the first Frey debacle . . . here.

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