Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Managing Behavior

I found these signs, all over the Ginza subway line in Tokyo, to be interesting in light of an earlier and somewhat debated post on Japundit.

In the States they should put that sign in autos.
The above refers to drivers, of course.
It's a pretty regular site on the London Underground. Am a bit baffled as to why it's seen as offensive in Japan, though.
Yeah, it's kind of interesting. I guess grooming yourself like that in public is seen as something too personal--like kissing (which was not so common for a time) and urinating. This is not to say these things didn't happen, but you didn't see them so often.

I found the sign interesting, though. I doubt it will make much difference.
It hasn't. I counted three girls applying/touching up their make up in one relatively empty car alone on the Ginza Line just this past weekend.

We don't normally see it in the Hong Kong MTR, but many women apply their make up on the 30-minute ferry from the island where I live to HK island. Drives me insane whe it's crowded and they sit mext to me -- my work darks get covered in their powder.
Oh no. That shouldn't make me laugh so much, alai, but it did. What a lovely visual. I hope none of the powder leaves a permanent and glittering stain on your paperwork!
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