Monday, May 19, 2008


Koicha for Ellis

My trip to Kyoto included a visit to beloved tea house Ippodo. There I was encouraged to try a bowl of koicha, which literally means thick tea. Koicha is made from the first harvest of green leaves, and was therefore just in season when I arrived. Usucha (thin tea) is made from subsequent harvests, and has a sharper flavor which requires more water. I should also point out that koicha is much more expensive.

I didn't realize when I ordered the koicha (or rather, when it was ordered for me), that I would have to prepare it myself. Since I am often a rather self-conscious person, it was embarrassing to try to knead the water into the green tea powder while everyone watched. But I did my best.

Eventually, a sales person helped me and I drank the paste you see here. It was incredibly good, and I'm sure loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C and all those nice things. It also woke me up out of my travel-weary state.

After I'd drunk a certain amount, I was told to put more water in my bowl, and enjoy the tea a second time. This time the consistency was more in keeping with usucha. I came home with a little packet of both kinds of tea. Now I just have to practice whipping up the powder.

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