Monday, May 12, 2008


Good Engrish, Bad Engrish

I'm of the opinion that there is good Engrish in the world. Sometimes, Japanese-style reconfigured English finds nuances in language and word play, and expresses an emotion or observation so much better than a irony-saturated native speaker could possibly do.

This mail box, which I photographed in Kyoto, was an example of wonderful Engrish (at least to me).

And this sign . . . not so good. I'm pretty sure that the "automatically full" references a toilet bowl and how, er, full it is. But I'm not entirely sure. Certainly this sign is at least bathroom related. Anyway, I pushed the button.

I'm of the opinion that all Engrish is good Engrish. I only regret that I can appreciate the phenomenon in one language.
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