Monday, May 26, 2008


For My Writer Friends

I decided it was time to keep a journal again--much too much floating around in my head to function otherwise. The last entry I have is from October, 2005. I thought those of you working on your manuscripts would be amused to see what I had written:

. . . I think I may have the next 10K words down soon. I hope so. Writing is hard. It's also strange to think about how much time I've devoted to writing and how things do and don't pay off and I do and don't feel as though I've made any progress. The same ability to be afraid or insecure is still with me. I wonder what will happen if I fail. I see the benefits of just buckling down and focussing, but this is scary when I can't see into the future . . .

And this was about a month after I signed with my first agent. So, please take heart and keep fighting.

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