Sunday, April 06, 2008


View from My Window

Not the most interesting flight path. As a result, I wasn't glued to the window, avoiding sleep. We didn't fly into Narita this time, but to Osaka, which meant that there was a good chance of spotting Mt. Fuji, provided there wasn't too much cloud cover. About an hour before landing, this was the view from the plane. Sorry if my English is screwy. Still somewhat tired and feeling stuck in between two languages and incompetent at both.

Great picture Marie! I love Mt. Fuji - I can get a glimpse of it on clear days for a brief part of my commute to work and I position myself every day, just in case; when I do see it, it never fails to awe me.
Aw, thanks Brian. I hope to get this over to Japundit once I'm more coherent. Either I have the worst allergies ever or some kind of delayed winter cold, but I've been sneezing like mad and my brain is fried. Still, it's all worth it! You are lucky to see Mt. Fuji as often as you do-must make a fun game, wondering if you'll catch a glimpse or not.
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