Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sakura Soundtrack

My good friend Isao put together an actual soundtrack for cherry blossom viewing. He left me with a CD of carefully selected songs in NYC. Once I arrived in Japan, the soundtrack accompanied us as we looked at the blossoms in Kyoto and Himeji. Here are two of my favorites, both "oldies but goodies" released in the past few years.

This song is by Kobukuro, considered an "indie" group. The video is kind of meh, but the sentiment--that cherry blossoms bring back memories of school--make sense since the new school year starts with cherry blossoms (get the symbolism?). I am a sucker for this sentimental song, though you elite musicians will probably hate it. Check out the lyrics and translation.

Here's Ketsumeishi with their hip-hop/rap song. This video is even blander than the one above, but the tree is beautiful and the falling petals give you some sense of what it is like to constantly be surrounded by confetti. You'll need to spend a minute getting through the intro before the music starts. Lyrics and translation.

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