Thursday, April 24, 2008


Sakagura Hanami Sake Tasting

This past trip to Japan was in many ways about: hanami, Edo, food (of course) and sake. Unable to let go of these obsessions, I recently attended Sakagura's annual Hanami Sake Tasting. Sakagura is a (perhaps the) sake bar in New York, located in the basement of a building on the East Side in a neighborhood populated with small, authentic Japanese eateries.

I liked the sugidama hanging in the entry, all green, signaling fresh sakes!

The event was advertised as a "hanami" festival. I hadn't expected that the decor would include so many real cherry blossoms, but sure enough, these flowers and all the others were real.

There were at least 50 sakes to try. I lost count of how many I drank. There was also food--which was quite good--but the focus was definitely on the drinking. I really liked some of the sakes I had that were made in Niigata and also in Akita

The gentleman in this photo works for "Sake Story," which distributes from Atlanta. He was very friendly and also good at explaining what everyone was drinking.

All in all, it was a fine event and a great way to try many sakes all at the same time, and to develop a sense for what you like and why. The next tasting looks like it will take place in the fall. I'll try to go if I can. In the meantime, this is a nice place to get some sake and some snacks if you are in New York and missing your sake fix.

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