Saturday, April 19, 2008


Odds and Ends: Iceland, the Gift of Women, Ken Hirai's Opportunity

> Et tu, Iceland?

>Of women and their mating dance in New York, Keith Gessen says:
I think the guys behave badly, but I'm not sure they're bad guys. I think part of it is that women see that something might be done with them. It's an ancient mistake, or an ancient gift, that women give to men, where they give them the benefit of trying to straighten themselves out.

Well, now, that's sort of interesting.

It is not the PC attitude one who has graduated from a top notch co-ed university is supposed to take, but I don't know that he is wrong. My own observations would be anecdotal, but certainly this bargain--"I will support your gift through my patience and ability to endure suffering and at the cost of developing any talent I might have had but don't really need"--exists across industries wherein the competitive and elite New York dating scene takes place.

"Giving my gift" is not a Faustian bargain I would make. Let me rephrase that. It is not THE Faustian bargain I would make. Ah, but when I was in my twenties, I was tempted to steer the story differently. Beware, writer girls in your twenties. There are benefits to getting older, no matter what anyone tells you. Even today, there are moments when I feel inclined to throw in the towel . . . and know that no one would judge me, a girl, too harshly.

>Ken Hirai may have married a man. Good for him. But will he speak out?

A song by Hirai Ken that I love. It's about being friends . . . but the video is beautiful and surprising if you watch to the end, which you Japanimation fans must. Only in Japan, I say. I still tear up.

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