Wednesday, April 16, 2008


More Night Hanami

On the heels of a fairy tale (and by extension beauty) being less an object and more of a feeling . . . Here are a few more photos of my night walk up to Kiyomizudera which Isao and Nono had gallantly researched and planned.

"We have a surprise," they kept telling Gordon who, after 48 hours of walking around in a country that spoke no English, was understandably wondering why we couldn't all just rest for a little bit or at least find a new copy of the International Herald Tribune. All became clear as we embraced the lights and the trees.

I'm a terrible, lazy photographer and all these shots required that I brace the camera on something stable (because I still don't have a tripod). Composition was therefore limited to what I could photograph while bracing myself on a lantern or fence.

View from the top of the temple, looking out at the city, with Kyoto Tower in view.

Sakura flush against the poles that keep Kiyomizudera propped up on the hillside. As I took these photos from the (very steep) stone steps leading down the hill, a guard kept yelling me to keep moving because it was 1. very dark and 2. I might slip and fall. He meant well, but it was a good moment to smile kindly and pretend I couldn't understand any Japanese.

So you understand what you are looking at, here is the side of the temple in the daylight.

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