Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Mental Health Break

Please enjoy the trajectory of pop song "Age Age Every Night," (no, that is not "age age" but "a-geh ageh") made popular by mysterious popstar DJ Ozma--he of the blonde afro and sunglasses (I'm not making this up).

It started as a Korean song . . .

and became a hit for Ozma in Japanese with the most interesting English interjections . . .

who went on to authorize a Dance Master Video so you too can get all the correct moves, including the "serious" and "smile" expressions at the right time . . . (Not having tried the dance out myself, I cannot say if you too will sparkle and glitter, as does DJ Ozma at the end. But I'm quite sure you too can wink.)

before the song went on to be a challenging tune on Taiko Drummaster . . .

and a cult favorite in the, uh, world.

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