Monday, April 14, 2008


Harajuki Splurge

If there is one fashion item for which I have a weakness, it is the light coat. This is an impractical item. Weather in New York, as far as I can see, is either inhumanely cold (and goes on for too long) or deathly hot, with only a few weeks devoted to sensible weather, by which I mean the thermometer stays between 65 and 75 degrees. It goes to show you how stubborn I am that I won't adjust to the weather and instead expect my environment to conform to the Northern California climate in which I grew up.

Anyway, I had to tell myself NOT to buy any light coats in Japan because I have enough as it is, and few chances to wear them.

I did, however, buy what I think is just about the most incredible zip up ever. I have a feeling I will be living in this garment. It's made by an independent designer named Gold Blood, and while I can't find a photo of what I bought exactly (and I'm way to disgustingly jet-lagged to allow my puffy self near a camera at present), these two shots give you some idea of the detailing that went into what I purchased. The massive collar has a sweatshirt stuffed inside. My own zip up comes with some leather detailing and some kind of strap on the back that makes the whole thing look like it might actually be a parachute.


The store is located above. If you are freaked out by the drop down menus, just know that the first one in the upper left hand corner lists a bunch of designers. Pull down to the name that intrigues you, and hit the dark grey button down two rows and see what comes up.

My cousin tried to convince me not to go to Harajuku, which he thinks is too touristy, much in the same way that New Yorkers eschew Soho now in favor of Nolita or the East Village. But I'm glad I did go because I wouldn't have come home with this treasure (though I had to hand carry it--the damned thing is big and impractical and my suitcase was full of . . . other stuff).

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