Thursday, April 17, 2008


Foods of the Season: Hotaru Ika (Glow in the Dark Squid)

These hotaru ika are so called because they supposedly glow in the dark (hotaru means firefly). I couldn't get anyone to tell me which part of the hotaru ika glowed and certainly they weren't glowing while dead and on a plate. But nearly every meal I had last week included hotaru ika.

I ate these little squid nearly every way possible: as sushi, baked, steamed. Several times they were served with bamboo shoots, which are also "in season" in that they are young and fresh and very tasty right now.

Later, I found this photo which answered my question as to which part of the squid actually glows. It would be something to see these in the sea.

Anyone else enjoying foods of the season?

Check out the comments at Japundit, which include advice on how to go and see the squid in the ocean; you need to find a nice fisherman in Toyama. If I can find a way to do this next year, I'd love to.

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