Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yakuza at Asia Society

If you are in New York Thursday evening and jonesing for Japanese entertainment, consider Asia Society's Yakuza movie series, curated by Japan uberspecialist Ian Buruma. The Thursday, March 20th offering starts from 7 and ends at 9, which means you'll have plenty of time afterward to digest the violence while you eat out at Aburiya Kinnosuke.

Thursday's film is Heitai Yakuza (or Hoodlum Soldier) and stars Shintaro Katsu, who you might know as the man with whom famed Gion geisha Mineko Iwasaki had an affair for much of her early life. IMDB sums up the plot thusly:
A young intellectual conscientious objector is forced to serve with the Japanese army in Manchuria. He joins with a dim-witted former gangster in an effort to desert by stealing a train.

Timely, no?

I couldn't find a clip of Heitai Yakuza, but the above clip shows Shintaro Katsu in action. What a voice. And what moves. Oh, there is nothing scarier than a scary Japanese movie! Please go see and enjoy. Buruma himself will be there to introduce each film. Asia Society is at 725 Park Avenue at 70th street and, if I may say so, has a very nice bar.

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