Thursday, March 06, 2008


Wednesday Dance Class Report

Notes: Very whacky (as in whackin') combination. It's amazing how dance makes a song sound better than it is--like inhabiting it just makes it more alive than if you just listened passively. It is also amazing how little I pay attention to lyrics in a piece like this where the rhythm is what matters most. In jazz class, where we try to focus on story-telling, the lyrics sometimes matter. Not in this case. I don't remember that her voice was this processed. I remember that the song was relentless, but I liked that.

I give the combo an A. It looked and felt good and was that kind of power/sexy/attitude thing that once seemed impossibly New York to me, but with time has started to make more sense. We ended up on the floor--haven't done that in a while. I must remember knee pads.

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