Saturday, March 08, 2008


Suntan Apples Updated

Some folks have expressed interest in learning more about suntan apples. Readers at Japundit were kind enough to do some extra research to uncover how the apples are made. You can see more photos here.

The text on the page explains that the apples are one by one covered with a seal (sticker). That's a lot of handwork. These apples are in Aomori. Another reader points out that the price of one of these apples is roughly $2.50, which explains why I've never bought one to eat.

Plus, if I ate it, the pretty picture would disappear. What can I say? I'm sentimental.

I'm that way. I was pretty bad about it when I was a kid. Visiting my mother's family in Illinois once, I had two experiences that shocked me and made me think that maybe I was hanging on too tight.

The first was with my cousin Cary. We built a diorama out of paper and aluminum foil of some pretend land. When we were done, my cousin exclaimed, "And the best part about Imaginary World? Destroying it!" And she proceeded to tear what we had just created to shreds. I was so horrified I couldn't even react.

Later in the trip, at my Aunt Carol's house, Carol was teaching me to crochet. I made a long thin something that I thought was pretty neat.

"Now for the fun part," Carol intoned. "Destroying it!" And she started to pull at the yarn. (Obviously Cary had gotten her destructive glee from her Aunt Carol.)

This time I thought quickly enough to protest. "No!" I cried. "Don't destroy it! I want to keep it!"

Carol was taken aback by this, but she went along with my whim.

Her surprise made me wonder if I was being silly...but I kept the strip of woven yarn. In fact, if it hadn't been for our apartment fire three years ago, I'd still have it.

(Sometimes I wonder if that fire was meant to show me that I hang on too much.)
I'm with you, Heather. I would have been horrified too. ;-) And I'm very sorry about the apartment fire. That must have been devastating.
Yeah...we lost everything. You can read about it here if you want.

We have pretty much recovered, other than losing important memory stuff, like the vast majority of our honeymoon photos, my grandmother's hope chest, Sean's old comics, etc. Where we can, we've been replacing things that mean a lot--I recently bought Sean an original NES and some games purely for the nostalgia factor, and awhile back I also got the same wrought iron recipe stand I used to have for the kitchen.

I have, however, taken the opportunity to decorate exactly as I want, instead of using hand-me-downs, and that's been fun.
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