Sunday, March 09, 2008


Jan Hammer Has a Halo

Listening to the soundtrack from Miami Vice today (yes, I really did), I was struck by just how wonderfully atmospheric a lot of the music was. In particular, this piece conjured up the 80s:

And then I thought, I've heard something like this recently.

I wonder to what extent the music from MV influenced Halo's soundtrack.

I never watched MV, so I didn't pick up on it.

I thought the same thing about Vangelis' score to Blade Runner and parts of the score to Mass Effect. Especially on the Citadel.
Oh, I totally hear the Mass Effect/Blade Runner crossover! I think, though, they mentioned Blade Runner, like, a million times in their promos, so it makes sense. They wanted us to feel all PhilipKDick-y.

I liked the ME music, but after a while I felt like it was just so one note. It was a departure from the heroic KOTOR stuff, and that was nice. But I wanted more variation.
I never watched Miami Vice either...but that is some amazing music! It's not surprising at all that you would listen to that soundtrack!

(I once owned the A-Team soundtrack. I had to import it from England. :>)
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