Saturday, March 15, 2008


Farmer's Market Wisdom

Speaking to "Jim" at the farmer's market today, I asked if he had any idea why the bees are dying. Jim's son is a beekeeper, and is my new source of real, unpurified honey. Previously, I ate honey made in Vernal, Utah, but that beekeeper and his Navajo wife have since passed away and so for for a few years I have been trying to find a new source. Enter Jim.

According to Jim's autistic son, the earth's axis moved by 1 degree in the last year. Since bees rely on an internal GPS to get back home, that 1 degree was highly disorienting. Jim's son posits that the bees were flying off, but were then unable to find their way back. He figures that it will take a couple generations of youngsters to adapt to our altered axis and then the bees will return. I wonder if this is true. If it is, the astrologists will have plenty to talk about for a number of years. A cursory search in the internet already yielded plenty of conspiracy theories.

I like talking to farmers. It probably reminds me of conversations I've had with my father over the years, but it is also always nice to talk to people who are the polar opposite of New Yorkers. That is to say, conversations with farmers are generally about something relevant and fundamental. They talk about dirt, animals, weather patterns, prices, guns and death. I will be watching to see if the bees stop dying.

Updated: my father, a farmer, says the pole shifted after the 2005 tsunami. NASA thinks this may be true too.

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