Monday, March 03, 2008


Ellis Avery at Asia Society (and Me)

nullIf you are in New York this coming Friday, consider stopping by the Asia Society to hear Ellis Avery read an excerpt from her exquisite novel The Teahouse Fire. I'll be interviewing her and discussing her work with her after the reading. Also, one lucky member of the audience will experience a personal tea ceremony performed in kimono by Cha An's own Noriko Sakagami. I really support this book as it stands out to me among all the novels written lately about Japan. It goes without saying that I'd be happy to meet any New York Japundits who might be in attendance.

Over at Japundit.

Updated: Maud is giving away 2 free tickets! Check her site for details.

Break a leg! I'm sure it will be wonderful, and I'm sorry to miss it.

I've just caught up on your blog--my, you've been prolific! It's my turn to be inspired by you!
Thanks, Kaytie.

Now I have to figure out what to wear!
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