Friday, February 29, 2008


These Cats Can Sing!

The singing cats will be back. MUSASHI'S, a "singing" cat group made up of 5 Norwegian Forest Cats, will be releasing its first single on March 3. After gaining some notoriety over the holidays when a Youtube video was posted in which the cats all "sang" Jingle Bells collectively, the cats were contacted and given a contract with Stardust Productions. The soon to be released single will be a meowy version of Hotaru no Hikari. This will be followed by Ichinensei ni Nattara. Payment is reportedly in tuna.

Here is the fame-making Jingle Bell video for those who might have missed it. It's distressing to think that without the internet, talent like this might have been over-looked in our all too busy age.

I wish whoever had made that video had recorded the cats meowing at lots of different pitches, instead of just using one meow and then changing its pitch. I have a friend who has a keyboard from the 80s that could have done this audio track. ;P
Yeah, I'm with you. When I first heard about this, I actually sort of hoped that was what had happened -- cats meowing at different pitches. But I guess that was asking for too much. I mean, they are cats. Someone once said to me that a guaranteed way to screw up a scientific experiment is to use the domesticated cat . . . ditto for the only animal circus trainers can't teach to do cute tricks.
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