Thursday, February 21, 2008


San Francisco

It is already spring. There is no endless waiting for flowering trees.

The buses come with bike racks. (!) Can you imagine this ever happening in New York? I can't.

It is possible to order a "taste" of wine, which means you can easily try 12 wines in one evening. And, no, they will not all come from France and the equivalent of a bottle will not set you back $2500.

This bathroom was painted by a commissioned artist.

Here is his statement. It is all about Medieval alchemy. Yay, alchemy!

Optimism doesn't seem out of place.

At the end of the evening, even the linen will smile at you. Yeah, I know that's cheesy of me. What can I say? I was drunk and I had a good meal and that usually makes me really happy.

My mom's been to SF and she really liked it :) I hope I can go someday too.
I hope you get there, too, Heather. I think you'd like it, and Japantown in particular!
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