Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hana Yori Dango Movie News

So, while the western world is waiting for the new Indiana Jones movie to wrap up, Asian fans are waiting for Hana Yori Dango to put the final touches on the story of Makino and Doumyouji.

Fans can be scary.

Really, really scary. This is what happens to you once you enter the Pretty Boy Factory at such a young age, and you have no idea if it is really the fate you want to choose for yourself. Personally, I'm not sure all the clothes actually make it worthwhile.

The shooting schedule apparently involves two weeks in Hong Kong and two weeks in Las Vegas. The movie is out in June. I'm going to miss it, but films are expensive in Japan, so it's probably better that I have to wait for some kind of bootleg to fall into my hands. I'm really curious about the soundtrack. I'm sure it'll include some kind of happy/nostalgic Arashi tune. And after HYD2 revived the career of Utada Hikaru (the song is too much for my poor little heart--I prefer Planetarium even though I can't stand Ai Otsuka's voice), I wonder who else will score a song for the movie. Will Hikki sing another tortured tune? Or will Ayu try for a comeback? Time will tell.

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