Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My Island of the Blue Dolphins Fantasy Coat

Maud published a link a few weeks ago to the site Jezebel, who is currently re-reading beloved YA lit of the past and publishing adult thoughts on said subject. One such book was Island of the Blue Dolphins, in which Karana the Native American is left behind on an island while her entire family abandons her, and she is left to take care of herself and befriend animals and make her own clothes.

All I want for Christmas is a skirt of black cormorant feathers that shimmer green in the sun!

So says Jezebel. And, yes, I felt that way too. In fact, to this day when I am in California I can't look at a cormorant without A) thinking about Karana's iridescent skirt and B) wondering exactly how she made it. I, too, spent some pre-teen time playing in the back yard trying to make jewelry out of shells, and a bow and arrow out of a felled pine tree branch. It's all a lot harder than it looks.

Imagine my bemusement this weekend when, on a shopping trip for a new coat (a belated birthday present from the man in my life, and a much harder task than you might think because clothing is arranged by label and not by function, which means you actually have to go from floor to floor if you want to buy clothes in a department store like a normal person and not at a sample sale, but I digress), I came across this most excellent garment made of, you guessed it, feathers.

I had lots of fun admiring myself in the mirror and thinking privately that at last I was having my Karana moment and that I would have loved to have purchased this coat if it had been at all practical.

The man in my life said, "Those security guards were really watching you."

But I know enough not to think they thought I looked hot or something.

The coat was on sale for . . . $7,000. Original price $12,000.

I wonder how much Karana's skirt would cost today in Barneys.

You pull it off! If I had an extra 7000 I'd totally buy it for you for your birthday. :P
It's all in the attitude, right? No, seriously, as impractical as this is, I would absolutely have bought it and worn it if money had been no object.

Sometimes being, ahem, unusual in appearance is useful. Then again, in this instance, I couldn't afford to take advantage of looking "different" . . .

Thanks for the thought, though.
Keep up the good work.
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