Monday, August 20, 2007


Tokyo Style, Kansai Style

My friend, Isao, is fussy when it comes to how well or how strongly food is seasoned with salt. My mother attributes this to his Kansai upbringing, where salt--not miso--is the basis for flavor. Certainly Japan is full of microcosms. Each region has its own special way of preparing even something as basic as miso-shiru. It's not surprising, therefore, that even specially packaged instant noodles are regional as well.


Here are some photos of instant noodles seasoned "Kansai style," which is to say they are flavored more with salt than with soy sauce. I snapped these after my cousin had returned home to Tokyo with bags of the noodles in tow. She married a Kyoto man, you see, and he can't stand the noodles for sale in the eastern capital.

Amazing what married life demands . . .

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