Monday, May 28, 2007


Shima Uta

The first time I heard this song, I burst into tears. Its nostalgic melody and theme struck a chord with me, and I think Gackt does a really fine job of singing it. The song has that "country-Okinawa-enka" quality to it

The song was composed in 1992, though this video is only a few years old. Read the lyrics and translation here.

The first line is as follows:

The deigo flower has blossomed, and it has called the wind, and the storm has arrived.

Gackt, of course, has his more usual flamboyant style of dress and performance, though this video convinced me that behind all the flash is a deeply sensitive and talented musician, though, he did not write this gorgeous song, as he does his other material. That honor goes to Miyazawa Kafumi of The Boom.

Here is a performance of the same song by The Boom.


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