Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Real Life Densha Otoko

A couple years, the drama "Densha Otoko" or "Train Man" (or Train Boy as my fiance calls him), was a massive hit in Japan. The real-life story-turned-movie-turned drama featured a nerdy "otaku" hero who rescues a beautiful damsel in distress on the Tokyo subway. The girl, nickamed "Hermes," because of a set of Hermes teacups she sends him as a thank you, ends up with a crush on the poor unprepared hero. The story captured the national imagination, in part because it potrayed the otaku as something of a sensitive and misunderstood type, who could, when occasion calls for it, act with heroism.

But in reality, how many Akibei types would really help out a girl who is being harassed by a henna ojisan? An enterprising television crew set out to determine the stats. Producers cast a "Hermes" looking actress and set her up on the street to be harassed with some old, badgering coot (also cast). The crew then calculated just how many heroes of out of a 100 "otaku" types approaching a maid cafe they could find. The answer might surprise you

In this Densha Otoko Special, you can watch (after registering) as otaku after otaku runs away. Then, something happens. First, one otaku decides to help the poor, quivering girl. His reward, as far as I can tell, is an actual set of Hermes tea-cups. Then, we see another. Take a look to get the final stats yourself!

LOL, "Train Boy". I personally would call him "Train Guy", because he is fairly young, and "Train Man" sounds too, well, manly.

I think there's a typo in your link. I was able to find the video though.
Thanks, Heather! I think I fixed it.

I actually cried when the first otaku helped the stand in "Hermes."
Number 85 was priceless!
OMG! I know! They couldn't have cast a better person. I wonder where he was coming from?

I also wonder how many Hermes tea-cups went up on Ebay/Yahoo auctions that day . . .
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