Monday, May 28, 2007


Miss Japan is Miss Universe

The 20 year old ballet dancer who went to school in Canada, but represented Japan in this year's Miss Universe pagent has taken the crown.

The fascinating thing is that with her knowledge of English, and her time spent in the West, Miss Japan was in a much better position to appeal to western judges and their sense of what is "beautiful" and accomplished.

I always figured that one day someone would figure out how to relay Asian beauty to a western audience and have it come across. And she has. As long as the Japanese were sticking to their version of "kawaii," they were never going to win a thing. There is a large part of me that is admittedly pleased that someone FINALLY figured it out, even as I'm not an incredible fan of pagents in general.

Congratulations to miss Riyo Mori!

urm, that picture is not of Riyo Mori. that's Kurara Chibana, last year's Miss Universe first runner-up.
That was fast! Yes, hopefully this is the correct picture now. Thank you.
yep that's her. but somehow, i think she looks better on TV than in photos!
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