Monday, April 23, 2007


Uniqlo Design Project

I went to Uniqlo over the weekend to check out the merchandise. Not all of the special design project pieces are in yet (Alice Roi is apparently delayed). But I did see some of the cashmere work by Italian duo Lutz and Patmos. I absolutely fell in love with this "sweatshirt." It's a cotton/cashmere blend and which has enough weight to feel very luxurious. I thought the design was fantastic; loved the two-direction zipper, the puffed sleeves and the clever seaming on the sides to give the garment a good fit. It's the perfect thing to wear with jeans, or to wear with a dressy pair of pants or pencil skirt and heels. And best of all, it's flattering. (I bought the grey version, in case anyone cares).

Uniqlo sweatshirt

Still to come are Satoru Tanaka for men, and Philip Lim. The crowds were full and the lines for the dressing station long, aka, people are willing to wait. So far Uniqlo seems to be doing quite well and certainly the fashionistas love the merchandise. I'm increasingly excited about the quality of the goods Uniqlo is turning out. In addition to this sweatshirt, I had to pick up two crazy T-shirt dresses; one with a gathered neckline and sleeves which just looked like some kind of ironic take on a Flashdance era getup and another which looked like a baby-doll dress combined with a cheongsam. All in all really cool gear.

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