Sunday, April 15, 2007


Pun for the Punnies


So I was hanging out in Shirakawa when I saw this sign hanging outside a store. I was told it's a pun of sorts. Any guesses? I'm particularly curious to hear from you translators out there. The answer below.

The kanji are: Spring, Summer and Winter. In other words, "Autumn" is missing. Usually people say, "aki ga nai," or "there is no Autumn" when examining the sign. But "Aki" also sounds like the word for "open." So, said outloud, a person reading this sign might sound as though she is saying, "There is no open." Which means that the store, is closed. Punny enough for you?

First posted on Japundit.

Ah, I love them!
Me too -- as long as they aren't of the vulgar and insulting variety!
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