Tuesday, April 17, 2007


An End To Tears?

bus Abuse

When I first moved to New York, I was fascinated by all the ads in the subway: doctors specializing in perfect skin, wart removal and podiatry. I was also sort of intrigued by all the "stop domestic abuse" posters featuring either very beaten looking women, or somber teenage girls. Fast forward to today, and it's part of the visual language of New York's "openness" that I've come to accept and, for the most part, admire.

I've been critical in the past of Japan's inability to address mental health issues. So I was really pleased if somewhat stunned to see this anti-abuse campaign poster on a bus. I think that thing that most shocked me was that part of the message was directed a children; a young child wishes that she didn't have to live in a house where her father hits her mother. There is a number listed below for anyone suffering any kind of abuse to call.


This is interesting because in most anti-domestic abuse (or any anti-abuse poster) I've seen in the US is aimed squarely at adults. Kids are advised to stay off drugs, but they aren't encouraged to report abuse in the home via a public service announcement.

I have the feeling that we will one day soon see a very interesting news story on this subject, and we'll all have much food for thought on the right way to go about putting an end to any kind of abuse--let alone opening up the door to admitting it exists in so many forms.

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