Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Google Has Failed Me

What's the first thing you do when you meet someone new and intriguing? I confess to turning to Google. And often it reveals interesting facts; I know roughly what old boyfriends are doing, where beloved teachers have moved, what internet friends look like before a first face to face meeting.

Imagine, then, my disappointment that Google failed to turn up even a single a clue regarding the couple whose apartment we are poised to buy. We always swore that, when it came to buying, we'd know within seconds that we'd stepped into a new home. And, in fact, the apartment in question struck a nerve with us immediately.

There were the books, many of which I'd read and loved and saved. There was Kazuo Ishiguro's latest, which I'd bought in Vancouver because it came out a whole month earlier in Canada. A cat watched us suspciously frm the sofa. A piano stood in the corner. A desk, facing West, perfectly placed for writing. Paintings, not posters on the walls.

We loved the quality of light, the use of space and the colors. We wouldn't have to repaint the walls! Forget the fixer-upper of an apartment we were considering. And the kitchen! Why, these people liked food as much as we did! We imagined Christmas, a roaring fire and parties with friends. When we toured the gardens of the coop, I asked the realtor if I'd have my own little plot to play with.

"Yes. Although, I think the woman who lives in your unit now is the only one who ever tried to grow anything on her own."

A kindred spirit. Book readers. Lovers of music. Who were these people?

We looked in their storage unit, and there was a wine collection. We could put our wine where they put their wine! And those masks from the Yucatan! They looked like our masks!

Call them Mr. and Mrs. X. I know what they look like because of the wedding photos displayed in their (tasteful) bedroom. I don't know much more. It feels right, somehow, that the holidays are bringing this kind of expectation. Can't wait to meet the sellers of the apartment, and to move into our new home.

It's so true! The people who bought Michael's house fell in love with it in part because my dachshund was there at the open house and they had a dachshund, too!

And when my parents bought their house, some of the wallpaper even matched.

I've never bought a place but I already know the thing that's important to me--natural light. It's the one thing I love about Southern California, sometimes the only thing!
I think that buying a home--because that's what you are buying, whether it's a house, coop or condo--is a kind of spiritual thing and, as creatures who do look for something spiritual whether we admit it or not, it matters that a place just "feels right," which this coop definitely did.

And I LOVE that your dachshund convinced the buyers to buy. What a wonderful story.
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