Friday, November 10, 2006


Catch Up

Busy days these past couple of weeks. I had food poisoning at the same time that beloved kitten Georgie was rushed to the ICU and given 50/50 odds (he survived). Nonetheless, I spent a good 4 days crying, which didn't help me regain my appetite.

In happier news, friend and fellow writer Kaytie came for a visit where she met her agent (yay, Kaytie!) and attended the CMLP writer's conference with me. Friend Kurt gave one of the most breathtaking concerts I've yet had the privelage to hear, this time at Zenkel Hall. We are looking forward to the new album.

Last night was a doozy. Georgie went back to the hospital for a check up. If you live in NYC and need medical help for your pet, I can't recommend the Animal Medical Center at 62nd and York highly enough. It's better medical care than most humans receive, and the vets are truly compassionate. I'll be eternally grateful to the team of doctors who saved Georgie's life.

After the hospital, I went on to the Housing Works Annual Gin Mingle (or whatever it's called), and met old and made new writer/agent/editor friends. Here's a photo of me with Ron Hogan who writes Beatrice and Galleycat, both of which I try to read religiously. Then, in a most un-bookish twist to the day, I went to the Uniqlo store opening and felt very out of place among the stylish set, though I was more than happy to eat Iron Chef Morimoto's sushi; more about that in a moment.

This weekend will be devoted to finishing up paper-work for our (hopefully) impending move to a new coop in Jackson Heights. The secret may well soon get out about this neighborhood, but for now we are enjoying our good fortune in having found what may well be the last good real estate deal in NYC (this being a buyer's market and all). Here we are celebrating our find with a good Indian meal at the ever delicious Jackson Diner.

And last, but certainly not least, the people have spoken and I'm thrilled. I would say that my faith in America has been restored, except that I never really completely lost my faith; if America falls apart, it's a very bad thing for the rest of the world, and so I continue to have hope. At any rate, I'm so very proud of the country today.

I saw you on Galleycat today! :)
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