Monday, October 16, 2006


Yuka is on Broadway!

Friends know that I try to regularly take class at Steps, often called the world's very best dance school. The writer in me naturally sees such a treasure trove of stories within the studios. There are dancers who are staggeringly talented who, for whatever reason, give up (?). There are dancers with some ability, but who work and work and suddenly break through and get their big moment. Most days I'm inspired by the classes and by the people I see.

One dancer has definitely stood out over time. Her name is Yuka Takara and she hails from Okinawa, Japan and has always had a crisp, charming and thoroughly engaging style and presence. I wasn't surprised to learn a while back that she'd been invited to join the Knick's dancers (whatever they are called).

Yuka resurfaced in class a while back. She'd performed in Pacific Overtures, which a friend was kind enough to give us tickets to see. And now she's going to be on Broadway in the revival of A Chorus Line! I'm thrilled for her.

A Chorus Line was the very first Broadway show I ever saw, way back in the late 80s when I was in college. I remember taking the subway to TKTS with friends and buying a few last minute tickets at 7:30PM. The show reasonated with me then, and now that I have lived in NYC this long and have known so many people at various stages in their artistic careers, the show means even more to me now.

Congratulations to Yuka. I can't wait to see her dance and sing.

I received a link to this article recently "Research now shows that the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success. The secret? Painful and demanding practice and hard work."

Somewhat related to the topic.
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