Sunday, October 08, 2006


Tentatively Coming Back . . .

A few months ago I was feeling very blue that I wasn't getting any comments beyond the usual offers of Viagra or discounted diamons, so I turned off the comments altogether. Obviously, this was fairly childish and I missed out on a lot of good commentary, and the chance to meet some very interesting people who had smart and thoughtful things to say. So, to all of you, I'm sorry! I will try to write back!

I suppose I was also feeling blue because this has been something of a trying year and I lost the energy to keep up with my blog. But we'll take some tentative steps and see how things develop. Fingers crossed.

Okay. So, may I post now? Will anyone see my comment? Or will my comment live in purgatory and it'll take me another 6 months to read it at all>
Whoah. There's my comment.
Ironically, it was a comment from what seemed to be a regular poster that kept me away from your blog. A particular comment infuriated me and rather than verbally tear him a new one, which I felt would have been rude on someone else's blog, I chose simply to avoid it.
oh dear.

it must have been about baseball.
Heh, no. It doesn't matter.
Aw. Well, thanks for visiting and posting and returning and sorry that some comment was so upsetting. I'll try to think of amusing things to say every now and then!
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