Sunday, October 08, 2006


Battlestar Galactica and Itunes

Seriously, what is the hold up? I'm waiting to watch the Season 3 premiere, and have been now for 3 days, and still the episode is not up on Itunes. I'm not interested in getting cable; I don't watch enough television to warrant paying a monthly fee when Netflix and Itunes will do. As it is, Battlestar Galactica has changed my life because it forced me to get DSL so I could even download the episodes in the first place. But it has now been over 48 hours since the 3rd season started and I still don't see the show available for legal downlaod. Ugh. The wait is killing me.

I see the frustration. I HATE watching TV myself. Only reason we have it is because my wife watches the cable channels most. I would be happy with a pair of bunny ears on the tele. ^_^
I'm glad someone else is feeling my pain. I went over the the boards on to see if anyone else had any news. The conspiracy theories about Itunes and the SciFi channel seem to have started! The SciFi people WANT us to get cable! The Itunes people want BSG to fail! Argh. I just want to watch the frakking episode already.
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