Tuesday, May 09, 2006


A Sea of Pink

Where did this sea of pink come from?

It's cherry blossoms, of course. I went back to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and found, quite by accident, that there was a festival on that day, called "Hanami" after the loosely organized Japanese tradition of the same name.

This little girl was eating an onigiri under the trees and it made me wish I had brought some too.

I liked the fact that this Japanese man did not let all the gaijin around him stop him for wearing his yukata. I think he looks cool. He has all the accessories: geta, baby-buggy and cell phone.

There were some Japanese "folk art" performances during the Hanami. I guess, like Obon in Monterey, Hanami in Brooklyn is a chance for a general showcase of many Japanese cultural art forms.One of the dancers turned out to be my friend Ayumi who used to take dance class with me at Steps. Right after we took this photo, she said to me: "The Okinawa dancers have even better costumes."

Well, I have to admit the costumes are pretty spectacular.

I also managed to look at other flowers aside from the cherry blossoms. At one point I came across a group of Chinese women speaking with great excitement. It turned out they were admiring these peonies, which are a popular subject in classical Chinese still life paintings.

Here's another view of the torii in the garden. I liked the fact that there were so many kinds of birds sitting on it and sunning themselves. The effect is almost Japanese -- not completely, but almost.

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