Sunday, May 07, 2006



This is my favorite photo of me with my grandmother. It conveys a lot about her personality, her style, her grace, her mischievous humor and her love.

When people see this photo, they invariably ask me the following questions:

1. Is that you (yes it is).

2. How old are you there? (2 and a half).

3. You look big. Were you a big baby? (No, I was not. She just happens to be 4 foot 8. This is part of what I mean when I saw that I always end up feeling enormous in Japan).

My grandmother passed away April 10th. I'll be going to her funeral in a couple of weeks which will be held at our family temple. She was 97 when she died and it is difficult to complain about someone leaving this world after so many years. However, final goodbyes are difficult and do leave a space.

I am glad you have this photo taken with your Obaasan. I never thought how small she is or how big you are, for the atmosphere dominates this picture. I am also glad that you have such a warm and fond memory of her. Yes, she was a kind and fun loving person.
Thanks, Monghi. I'm glad I have the picture too. I usually just think about the expression on her face. But everyone else notices my size! I'm probably too sensitive about these things.
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