Thursday, April 06, 2006


Top 100 Most Beautiful Women of All Time

Some silly list compiled by "New Woman."

Audrey Hepburn is #1.

And there is exactly ONE Asian person on the list -- the lovely Lucy Liu.

There should be an abundance of Asian girls on there. But, if Lucy Liu is on there, where is Zhang Ziyi? She just seems like someone who is liked by many people I know. hmmm...
I agree that it's a shame there aren't more Asians on the list, but I'm impressed and pleased that Audrey got the top slot. I sure would have expected #1 to go to someone current.
I'm with you, folks. And yes, I'm very glad that Audrey is on the list!
I, like most of the world, don't find the prettiest asian woman as pretty as the prettiest white woman. I am glad the list did not see fit to be 'PC' at the sacrifice of being genuine. I personally would not even have put Lucy Liu in.
I am not Asian, but I find your comment Mike not only ignorant but a total mistake and discrimination on your part. Who is to say that you are an authority of actual ideal beauty? Your statement of you find the prettiest of Asian cannot compete with the prettiest of Caucasian not only exemplifies your feelings of superiority to our race but a total discredit to all of us. Who is also to say that a fair, pale, thin lips is ideal as opposed to full lips and tanned skin that a lot of Asian women exhibits. Do we still believe in the old standard beauty of pale skin, blonde hair, blue-eyed thin lips women as opposed to the now reawakened beauty of full lips, smart looking brunnetes that we adore. Why are researchers spending millions of dollors to uncover the fountain of youth that most Asian women possess (capacity of staying and looking young great at old age.) A lot of us are spending tons of money using botox just to keep wrinkles in check... Plumping are lips to mimic fullness, spending cosmetic money even back at good old days to use the bardot style to make our eyes look more Asian-like through the use of eyeliner (to achieve a more sultry-mysterious look that would make our eyes less rounder and more exotic). I think your statement is just hypocritical and you are absolutely on the denial stage. I personally feel that Lucy Liu is attractive not only for her brains and beauty. However I bet you 100% that if you would ask any Asian men and women if she exemplifies the ideal beauty in Asian women. I think not... There are millions of gorgeous looking Asian women around the world. I think you have to travel a little bit more and know that Women in general comes in all shapes, colors and sizes (including their facial features). White women are definitely not the prettiest in the world. We are usually the one that would like to set the standard, that is why. But I can guarantee you.... YOU MIKE NEED A REALITY CHECK.
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