Tuesday, April 04, 2006


More Sad Endings

Piggybacking on the previous entry in which I told you about the termination of Chris Burke from Tuesday's Children. Newsday has an article on the same subject today.

So far, I think PR has handled the situation really well. There is a striking phot of Chris alongside photos of his brother. Again, I will make very few comments about this story, though this article is different from the Times' in very interesting ways. Here are quotes from the Newsday article.

Yesterday, Barnett said the organization had moved swiftly to assure donors and recipients that financial safeguards had been put in place.

"This was uncovered by our employees," said Barnett. "To withhold donations would be to punish the families."

Here is an article on Tuesday's Children published last September, just before the anniversary of the attacks.

Two weeks after the attacks, Burke formed Tuesday's Children, a nonprofit organization that helps 9/11 children and their surviving parent focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past. "With four young nephews, it became painfully clear that the lives of thousands of others like them had been altered forever by the gaping hole left by the loss of a parent," Burke said. "I couldn't leave these kids out there on their own."

In Tuesday's Children, they found a much-needed friend.

In fact, the children have a network of friends who mentor, encourage and assist them in their educational and career pursuits and help create social outlets for them. More than 1,000 families in the metropolitan area have benefited from the multitude of organizations that have thrown their support behind the organization, Burke said.

We'll see if other media outlets pick it up, and how the story differs as it shifts from reporter to reporter.

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