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Judas Gets a Gospel

I love the show "Jesus Christ Superstar." It isn't just the music, or the incredibly tight plotting that I admire. I love the reimagined world in which JC has fallen prey to too much PR, in which the apostles get drunk as though they are at some writer's workshop, and Judas is tormented that JC's faith is no longer as "core" as it once was. I find all this if not probable, then certainly human. Here's one of the moments of tension in the show.

Peter will deny me in just a few hours.
Three time will deny
me--and that's not all I see
One of you here dining, one of my twelve chosen
Will leave to betray me --

Cut out the dramatics! You
know very well who--

Why don't you go do it?

You want me to do it!

Hurry they are waiting

If you know why I do it . . .

I don't care why you do it!

To think I admired you
For now I despise you

You liar -- you Judas

You want me to do it!
What if I just stayed here
And ruined your ambition?
Christ you deserve it!

Hurry you fool, hurry and go,
Save me your speeches, I don't want to know -- Go!

I've been waiting for someone to do a production in which Judas and Mary Magdalene are both women . . but I digress. The point I was trying to make was that in this show, Judas is reimagined as someone who is actually doing what Jesus wants. I mean, Jesus is not exactly happy that he is going to be sacrificed, but he knows it is coming and he wants Judas to carry out the deed.

Enter the whole Da Vinci Code law suit and sudden interest in 2000 year old documents. Enter the publication of the Gospel of Judas, which has been known to have existed, but was only discovered 30 years ago. And what do we learn?

In this text, scholars reported yesterday, the account of events leading to the Crucifixion differs sharply from the four gospels in the New Testament. Here Jesus is said to entrust Judas with special knowledge and ask him to betray him to the Roman authorities. By doing so, he tells Judas, "you will exceed" the other disciples.

"You will be cursed by the other generations, and you will come to rule over them," Jesus confides to Judas in the document, which was made public at a news conference at the National Geographic Society in Washington.

Can there be a better time than now for a story of moral ambiguity to emerge?

(Ed. 4/9 -- Check out this MSNBC article which gives a good summary of the Judas Gospel. Hee hee. I love a little chaos).

It's quite possible that the entire story of God and Jesus (not to mention the earlier prequels starring Moses and Abraham, AND the later sequels featuring The Prophet Whose Name We Canna Mention for Fear of Riots in the Streets), it's quite possible, yea, most likely, that the entire Jesus Judas story is pure Churchly propaganda and has no basis in either truth or reality. You know, dear blogger, 75,000 years ago there was a huge volanic explosion in Indonesia that wiped out nearly two thirds of all animal species including early MAN/WOMAN, and set in place a long period of glaciation that we are just now recovering from, and that was 75,000 years ago, carbon dated, it really happened. The Jesus thing has never been carbon dated or proven, same goes with Moses parting the Red Sea for our Jewish friends, and M the Prophet doing his miracles in Arabia as well in 600 AD or so, so this entire religious house of cards is silly. It never happened. There is no God. Jesus was nobody's Messiah. Judas is just a scriptwriter's foil.

Look, if there was a huge volcanic explosion 75,000 years ago, and then like sure, some God Guy shows up first for the Hebrews JUST 5000 years ago, and then He later shows up again for the Jesus People 2000 years ago, well, where was He like around 75,000 years ago?

We humans are so arrogant to think that in this period of Earth history our silly notions of God and Godhood are real and worth taking seriously, gimme a break, girls and boys! Most likely there was a chap named Jesus who did some itinerant teaching, but like all dreamers, he was just dreaming. The Church which grew up in his shadow unfortunately has brainwashed and hoodwinked even Time and Newsweek magazines, not to mention the Holy Sea.

But your idea of both Jesus and Judas being female is funny. Or was that Mary Miriam Magadelena? It's all so preposterous.

I assume from your post you are not religious. Good!
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Yes, I'm sure that readers who suffered through my post, and the thoughtful post after will be extremely excited to find a link to a shoe store at the end.

As for not being religious . . . what does being "religious" mean to you, anonymous blogger (who may no longer be around) and how would you define it?
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