Monday, April 17, 2006


Cherry Watch

Ahh. The cherries have opened! As you know, I'm quite obsessed to the point of being nervous about the cherry blossom season in New York. One bad wind/rain storm and you completely lose the chance to see them in their full beauty.

Here is the map as of last Thursday. As you can see, the trees on one side of the garden are blooming; there are many different varieties and they bloom at different times. My friend Kurt and I saw the other half last year, and wanted to see the early half this year.

There is a lovely Japanese garden here, landscaped by a Japanese gardener in 1915. The feeling is definitely authentic, and the water is populated by large carp, ducks and turtles. There is also a torii standing in the water, a small "temple" and a waterfall. This year I really wanted to see the flowers along the lake, and in particular wanted to capture the effect of light streaming through petals and across the water.

On the way to the Japanese garden (more in a minute) we passed these two trees: one white and one pink. I wish I could have photographed the trees in their entirety so you could see what they looked like, but both were simply too large to photograph. Standing under them, you truly had a sense of large waves crashing into each other, as the little flowers followed the curves of the branches which arched sharply off of their respective trunks, and into each other.

Little girls (whether adult or not) love to play with petals.

Here is the branch of a cherry tree as seen with the roof of the "temple" in the Japanese garden.

Branches from one of the many weeping cherry trees sweep the lake top; you can see numerous petals floating on top. Some of the koi mistook the petals for food.

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