Friday, March 31, 2006


A Night on the Town (in which Catherine Zeta Jones makes an appearance)

New York is a wonderful place for a night on the town, particularly when it is spring, and you have just experienced your first 70 degree day.

Last night we started with dinner at the restaurant known as Ono. It is located in the Gansevoort Hotel, which is super chic and apparently popular with Lindsay Lohan. We didn't see her at the restaurant, of course, because everyone knows Lindsay Lohan doesn't need food. I, however, do.

I liked the logo outside the restaurant. It spins around and around on the sidewalk, which is why in this photo, it appears to say "Oco" and not "Ono." My partner, the design-sensitive one, exclaimed, "Great typography!" As we were in New York, a woman stopped, looked at the type face and said, "Yeah. It's a great font."

The restaurant is billed is Japanese, but I saw nothing Japanese anywhere -- except for the sake. The menu has a funny thing on the cover with a man standing; when you tilt the menu, the man bows. The photos aren't so great, but you can see how he sticks his hands out when he bows; they don't do that in Japan. But it was a cute effect.

We had a few things to eat, but I think my favorite might be this parfait; it's made with grape jelly, uni and foie gras. I am feeling very full this morning.

See how cool the decor is? I liked this chandelier. I must also point out this incredibly cool bag which my friends Isao and Nono gave me made of fabric used in between tatami mats. It's so beautiful, I'm almost afraid to use it. But we are pretty sure Isao would approve of the bag making its debut in such hip surroundings.

We had to take our bag from Nono to the restaurant known as Ono. Wouldn't you?

We went for a walk to Gaansevoort street, and what should we see but a movie set! You have never seen such a fascinating mix of New Yorkers. Designer, club-goers, a couple with their enormous St. Bernard. Food for the crew. . .

Our favorite restaurant Florent had never looked so well lit. We waited while a crew blew some fake snow into the air. Props masters carefully dusted cars with fake snow. And then Catherine Zeta Jones arrived.

She walked across the street in the "snow" while a few extras pretended to be cold. She did this take numerous times, checking with the director to see exactly where she should transition from the street (lovingly lit and bathed in water) to the sidewalk. She also smiled at us. Or maybe at my partner. He's the cute one.

The papparazzi were waiting for her. This camera man (in black) was talking loudly about the top dollar he is paid to take pictures.

How do you top an evening like that? Well, you have to go hear some live music, of course. We went to the 55 Bar.

On the way, we passed this flowering tree. Spring is romantic in New York.

Dashwood do?
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