Thursday, March 23, 2006


First Blossom!

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is reporting that the first blossom has been spotted! Yippee! Now I will be watching the map in earnest, and planning my outing.

In other news, Japundit is reporting that the first cherry blossoms have opened (my lucky duck mother is in Japan now) and that they have bloomed 3 days ahead of schedule. All this means that peak blossom time will be on the 30th which, if you are keeping track, is not a weekend. While this may cause havoc with companies whose employees will play hookey to have a hanami on the peak day, Japundit encourages bosses and CEOs to relax; years in which cherry blossoms bloom early tend to coincide with economic gains.

That's really cool! Now, if only I didn't live in a cherry blossomless place. >_> :P
What? No cherry trees? Oh no! There must be something growing where you live, no? Or are you in one of those tropical places where it is always sunny. :-)
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