Friday, February 17, 2006


My Adorable Cousin

I adore my cousin Mah-kun. He has incredible style and I always love what he wears. Here he is posing beside his car, which is a behemoth of an American Chevy, and which he insists was used as a hearse. This goes along with his collection of silver skull rings. However, because the hearse guzzles so much gas, he is thinking of switching to a Toyota.

And here is Mah-kun's other self -- Mah-kun the priest. That's right. His father is a Buddhist priest at the temple which has been in my family for several generations. Mah-kun says that once he removes the silver rings (and earrings) he becomes a different person, though his sense of fashion is no less savvy. He made a point of telling me that he had carefully chosen the color coordination of these robes; most young guys wear blue, but he liked the whole "brown on brown" sophistication.

I like to try to make my family laugh when posing for photos. This is especially true of Mah-kun and his father who put on serious faces when posing for the camera (in robes). Here I am trying to get Mah-kun to smile.

It didn't work.

And here is Mah-kun's father, Sempoh-san, who I have known for years. I was pretty much in tears when we left. We both have incredibly fond memories of our time together over the years. I wish there were a way to make our homes closer.

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