Tuesday, January 03, 2006


First Dream of the Year

My (Japanese) mother always told me that the dream you have on January 1st is significant and will set the tone for the year. The very best dream is one featuring Mt. Fuji. I have never had such a dream. Anyway, we all go to sleep on January 1st a little bit timidly -- what if we have terrible dreams? This year I have a nasty cold and fevers aren't known to do nice things to dreamers.

But what wonderful dreams I had! Full of parties and travel and meeting people and adventure. I met an editor who also turned out to be a fairy godmother. Plus there were some cute outfits and nice accessories and a few magical elements I'm going to keep private in case they work their way into a short story. My boyfriend and I stumbled on a white, European style hotel. Later, we sat and sorted balls of yarn made from jewels.

My mother called me ecstatic that she too had had a wonderful dream in which she got to wear a beautiful red bow in her hair.

Anyone else remember their first night dream? It's a lovely custom, I think. It's a little bit superstitious, and brings just a little bit of subtle pressure into the act of sleeping. How Japanese!

Gosh - I wish I had paid more attention. But then, usually I don't remember dreams very vividly anyway. I have often wondered how I could have a greater experience since it certainly wd be a gateway to greater creativity. Mostly I have stress dreams or, at best, very ordinary ones. I think the mystical, magic-realist tradition in Japanese culture (inasmuch as my very cursory knowledge of it tells me) is very beautiful, indeed. Are there authors/movies I may not have come across yet who are famous for exploring these aspect most deeply? Jeweled balls of yarn - yow! I hope you will be as lucky as your dreams portend.
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