Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Christmas in Reykjavik

I like Christmas in European countries. It always looks a little bit more tasteful than what we do in the US. Don't get me wrong -- I like all the American lights. But there is just something *right* about how decorations are done in Europe.

Here some men are taking a truck laden with pine trees through Laugavegur street in Reykjavik.

They put these trees up with little lights on stores.

I like the window displays in Europe too. Here is a little coffee shop which I visited for a wonderful latte.

The streets are tastefully decorated with lights. You can see Hallgrimskirkja church looming in the background. This church was is meant to look like a volcanic eruption, which is fitting when you consider how much of Iceland is an interplay of elemental forces -- tectonic plates, volcanoes and ice.

And here is the church again

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