Saturday, November 19, 2005


Bearding New York

I was inspired by Mari’s post about cream puffs, called Choux Cream in Japan, to check out the Beard Papa chain which is sweeping New York. This chain, popular in Japan, opened its first shop on Manhattan’s Upper West Side last spring, and yours truly was there to eat far more cream puffs than one should consume before going to a vigorous dance class.

A couple others opened, sometimes serving matcha choux creams. Beard Papa in the Café Zaiya is particularly convenient, as it is close to Grand Central Station, and still something of a secret.

On a recent visit, I discovered that Beard Papa were making pumpkin cream puffs in celebration of Halloween. Anyone seen something similar in Japan? I have to say, the pumpkin flavor was fantastic; this was no artificially flavored cream puff, but one which included real pumpkin. Delicious. I snapped this bearded papa indulging in his first ever Beard Papa. I think he'll be back for more.

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