Monday, October 17, 2005


Toro Season

A little more on the wonderful restaurant Aburiya Kinnosuke.

I also ordered some sashimi, including some wonderful chu-o-toro. That's fatty tuna.

My friend Isao, whom I consult on almost everything Japanese and gastronomic, told me that toro is best in the Winter because the water becomes cold, and the tuna, to combat the cold, becomes even fattier. So good toro season starts now!

(Here's Isao doing what he does best -- cooking. In this case, he had invented some sort of complex and delicious dessert.)

I can report that the toro sashimi at Aburiya Kinnosuke was like butter which is exactly as it should be. What's more it was very fresh. I was so impressed with the quality of their meat.

One thing to remember, too, about Aburiya Kinnosuke. A really good Japanese restaurant that cooks fish and sashimi like this isn't going to have a lot of meat on its menu. That's because the oily smell of meat is considered disruptive to the delicacy of fish. So, if you are craving meat Japanese style and live in New York, try Yakitori Totto. For fish, I'd definitely go to Aburiya Kinnosuke. It just goes to show you how carefully the owners have considered these two establishments.

I also mentioned that they do a kaiseki dinner; I said this based on the fact that they have two prix fixe menus, one for $45 and the other for $60. I only saw photographs of these, but they looked fantastic. I imagine I'll be going back to find out for certain.

Wow, these slices of TORO look yummy. It seems there are no SUJIs, which I hate, and they look simply delicious. What else are there beside TORO on the plate? How often do you go to dine at such places? I wish I could join you some day!
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